10 Tips on How to Clean and Care for Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are essential when you are playing golf. They help provide lateral support and stability when going for a swing, and make it easier to navigate uneven golf course terrains. They also protect the golfer’s knees and feet from any injuries.

Because a pair can be a costly investment, it is necessary to preserve them and make them last longer.

Shoes for golf are usually made of leather, which can become dirty easily on the golf course. There is also the possibility of pesticides or herbicides spread over the grass which can affect the shoes’ material.

Fortunately, there are some basic tips and guidelines when caring and cleaning golf shoes that are simple to do.

If you want to keep your pair in tip top shape, you should apply these tips after every game.

Golf Shoes1. Wipe your shoes with a towel after your every round. Do it right there on the golf course. It will remove chemicals from the grass, and excess water and mud you might have accumulated from water hazards.

These are things that shouldn’t be allowed to linger on your shoes. Not only because they will stain, but it may begin to break down the leather in them.

2. Clean your shoes with a wet towel at the conclusion of every game. Make sure you get rid of all the dirt on the exterior and also at the creases. After that, dry it off with another towel.

Do not store shoes while moist or wet. It may cause mold to build up on the leather and will make it deteriorate rapidly.

3. Don’t soak the golf shoes in water when doing major cleaning. It will damage the shoes’ material. A towel moistened with a mixture of mild soap and water will do.

4. Shoes for golf should be polished once every month as a minimum. It’s not only to keep them looking good. Furthermore, the wax will keep your shoes durable and will prolong its life a lot longer.

5. You can get scratch marks off with a matching color of shoe polish. Scratches are normal when you are regularly using your shoes to play golf. Remember to choose a shoe polish that can be applied to leather.

6. Don’t forget to clean the spikes of your shoes as well. You can also use the same towel moistened with mild soap and water for this purpose.

Check if the spikes are still complete and not worn down. Missing or worn down spikes may eat away at the actual soles of your shoes, which can make them start to leak water in. If that happens, it’s time to buy a new pair again.

7. Check the spikes once every month, and change them every two months. If you are playing more regularly, about twice or thrice a week, make sure that the spikes are still giving adequate support and grip strength for your swings. By ensuring that your shoe spikes are working well, you can stay away from possible knee injuries.

8. Golf shoes can last their longest by using shoe trees in them when not in use. Shoe trees help your shoes maintain their form and keep moisture out. Moisture is the number one enemy of any leather item. Hint: If your feet are not in the shoes, then the shoe trees are.

Never leave golf leather shoes in the trunk of a car, especially during the summer months.

9. Apply leather oil on your shoes. Use a polishing cloth to rub a small amount of it on each shoe.

10. Occasionally, hire a professional to clean your shoes. They will have your pair looking brand new. They will also apply lotions to extend the life of the golf shoe leather.

You experience great value for your money if you follow these few simple care tips for your golfing shoes. Your shoes will also always look professional and nice every time you wear them.

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