Best Places to Look for Dubai Hotel Apartments for Tourists

If you are a tourist and want some advice about where to look for the best tourist accommodations in Dubai, you can learn a lot by reading travel forums and blogs about this very cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates. Of course, that is after you have really decided to visit and see those magnificent attractions in the area for yourself.

BurjMost of the more popular attractions in Dubai, as you may already know by now, are man-made structures that have sprouted fairly recently. The Burj al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, the Palm, Dubai fountains – these weren’t there about 15 to 20 years ago, because they came with the development thrust that put Dubai on the business map. Among the top ten tourist destinations in Dubai, only the Dubai creek that that takes you to the historical part of the old city remains as a natural attraction.

You can always find pleasure in going around the city. And you can also plan trips outside and see sights that would still surprise you, especially if you haven’t been a frequent visitor to the Middle East.

When looking for Dubai hotel apartments, the best place to look would be the area that’s not too far from the Dubai international airport. That’s where most of the accommodations are, and where you won’t seem to be too far away from western-style dining places and English-speaking guides. And most of the places you would want to visit would not be too far away from where you decide to stay. If you arrive in Dubai without a booking, just ask the cab driver to take you to some comfortable hotel apartment, and he’d be able to choose one for you without having to wander around aimlessly.

Dubai HotelFrom the airport, you may ask cab driver to take the Airport Road that connects to the D-89 – also called Al Makhtoum – and along that you could pass several of these types of hotel apartments that are affordable and conveniently located. He may also take you across the Dubai Creek, and show you places along Kuwait Road or Al Mankhool Road and Sheik Khalifa Bin Sayed freeway. This is another good place to find Dubai hotel apartments. The side streets in this area also offer good accommodation places, and they’re not that far from the places you’d want to visit walking.

For the tourist, Dubai hotel apartments are convenient enough in that they don’t differ much from the traditional hotel – with its 24 room service and transportation assistance. They are ideal if you’re coming as a couple or with a few friends. Some of these places will be willing to accommodate small groups, so do a quick survey among your friends and agree on some kind of criteria that you will be seeking when you travel to Dubai. From that, you could then do some research and find which ones would be the right place for you, before you travel.

Palm JumeiraNow, if you’re like most people who are after the more modern attractions in Dubai, it might be good for you to look further south of the city, close to where the Palm Jumeira is located. That area along the Sheikh Zayed expressway is lined with good Dubai hotel apartments that will offer you a good discount if you book ahead, and especially if you’re a group.

That area is relatively recent and is where you’ll see many of the new structures that make Dubai attractive to business travellers and those who seek modern luxuries. That’s also where the hotels are located close enough to the waterfront, and to Jumeira Road that will take you to some of the finer beaches in the UAE.