Choosing Between A Cremation Or A Burial

Being given the responsibility of planning for your departed loved one’s funeral while you are in grief can oftentimes be overwhelming and stressful. Thinking of the venue, music, flowers, and other funeral arrangements could be a challenge especially if you are still trying to come to terms with your loss. It would be good to know that you are not alone in this sensitive time in your life. When you have the right funeral services provider, your burden will be eased and you can have the peace of mind that someone else is taking care of all the legwork for you.

Perhaps the first question your funeral services provider will ask you would be whether you want to go for a cremation or a traditional burial. This, of course, will have to depend on your departed loved one’s wishes and feelings. You will also have to take into account the opinion of other members of the family. It’s good when the deceased had already made arrangements before he passed on. If not, you simply have to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision yourself.


To help you out, take a look at these pros and cons:
1. Burial

Pros – Up until today, burials are still the most socially accepted funeral process in the United States. There are no religious and personal conflicts in burials. These also provide specific places for people to visit and pay their respects to the deceased as often as they would like to.
Cons – Despite the social norms, holding a burial is very costly, considering the fact that you need to buy a coffin and ground space for your loved one to rest. It will also be very expensive to consider transferring your loved one’s resting place once he has been buried. These are some of the factors you need to consider, especially when you are running on a tight budget.

2. Cremation

Pros – The modern process of cremating mortal remains has gained popularity and significance over the past several years because it is considerably cheaper than the traditional burial procedures. It promotes saving money on ground space, portability, convenience, and economically. Urns are much cheaper than caskets. There is also the option of storing the urn in mausoleum safely kept in a vault. If necessary, you could even plan the memorial service at a later date.

Cons – On the downside, this process may cause issues when it comes to some religions and cultural beliefs. This is why this procedure is not available everywhere. It may seem like a cold and an unorthodox way to treat your departed loved one. It is very important to discuss whether having the body cremated is acceptable to the family or not. Some family members might have religious beliefs that consider this an unacceptable way of dealing with a person’s mortal remains.

Funeral Services

Some people opt to have a direct cremation when there is no thought given about holding a funeral service for family members. You have to remember, however, that this process is not necessarily a substitute for a funeral. There can be viewing services and interment services after the process.

There are funeral homes and crematories that can help with all the pre-planning and arrangements you need to deal with. Some of the things you will have to think of for either cremation or burial are the similar. The documentation process, for instance, would be the same with the addition perhaps of the crematory permit if you opt for crematory services. Your chosen funeral home and crematory services should also be able to help you with these documents or give you instructions on how you can secure them. Visit here you can get the detail information about cremation.

If you opt to have a viewing before the crematory services, you would also need a coffin. You also need to determine how many days you wish to have the viewing before the body is cremated. Some families devote a couple of days for the wake and then hold a tribute right before the body is taken to the crematorium.

Whatever you decide, the support and help of family and friends will be comforting for you in this sensitive time of your life. Being with people who care for you and share your affection for your departed loved one is very important.