How to Choose the Best Neck Lanyard for You?

Before, Neck Lanyards were just made of simple and plain cords or yarns; but now, they became very diverse having so many designs, attachments, color combinations, and added features (e.g., Rhinestones, extra clip, badges) to choose from.

In short, it became quite difficult to decide what type of lanyard to purchase. Even if you have a design beforehand, there is still a variety of lanyard material to select from; polyester, nylon, cord, tube, satin, and silk are among the others.

Here’s to help you know the best Neck Lanyards for you and your classmates, office mates, organization co-members, or customers.

1. Why do you need a lanyard?

There are materials which don’t allow intricate designs so before choosing a lanyard, know first why you need one. If it’s for school or work purposes, go for the best quality types as they are to be used for a long period of time. If you have color coding in your organization, you can then purchase lanyards with your department’s designated color.

ID LanyardOn the other hand, if you are to buy a lanyard for accessorizing purposes, give customized lanyard with intricate designs a try or one that has shiny Rhinestones all over it.

2. What material do you prefer?

Upon knowing the restrictions, you can now choose the material. Polyester lanyards are of low prize yet of good quality. Nylon lanyards are costly but they have the best quality. If it’s for a long-term use, you may opt for a Dye Sublimated lanyard; the print in this type goes all the way through its material.

3. What is your Neck Lanyards design or pattern?

Sellers offer two options: a ready-made lanyard and a customized lanyard. If you prefer the first, you can select from their design catalogue. If you want a customized one, you need to provide the design or you can ask them to create the design for you but they may charge an additional payment for this.

Some businesses purchase bulk orders of lanyards that have their name and logo. They will resell these lanyards as their company’s merchandise or give them away as freebies during their campaigns or promotions. They used the lanyards as a form of advertisement.

4. How many lanyards do you need to buy?

Sellers offer promos and/or good deals whenever you buy bulk orders. They either cut the prize or give free pieces of lanyards. Most of the sellers give free attachments. Lanyards’ attachments can be cell phone loop, thumb trigger, thumb hook, oval hook, plastic hook, key ring, swivel hook, bulldog clip, or carabiner hook.

You should be mindful in choosing a store to get lanyards from. Make sure they produce high-quality products most especially if you’re buying a lot from them. Look at the quality of their lanyard materials, attachments, and printed designs.

5. If you’re just buying for yourself, would you like over-the-top Neck Lanyards?

Some sellers offer special lanyards. If you want one that stands out and a lanyard like no other, you may avail these over-the-top lanyards.

Neck LanyardsOne example is a lanyard that has a zipper; you can zip it close after taking it off. There are lanyards that have permanent badges that can be customized. LED lanyards are definitely beyond ordinary. If you use flash drive in school or office, there are available lanyards with built-in flash drive for you.

There are also eco-friendly lanyards which include Recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) lanyards, Bamboo Fiber lanyards, and Ingeo Fiber lanyards.

Lastly, if you like fancy things, there are shiny BlingBling lanyards available for you. You sure have a lot to choose from.

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