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Bonne Ecole Elementary

Slidell, La.

Cypress District

Southeast Louisiana Area Council of BSA

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This page was recently udpated to remove outdated information from 2000.  Unit leaders within the unit are encouraged to provide updated information about the unit leaders, contacts, meeting dates, dens, etc.  Let us know about the great program of Pack 345.  Email the webmaster.

About Us

Check the Cub Scout Pack 345 calendar (at the official site)for pack activities and Join us for the fun and family adventure that Cub Scouting offers. 

Bonne Ecole Elementary School is located off of Independence Ave., not far from Robert Blvd. in Northern Slidell. The Map provided below will give you an Idea of the vicinity.

Bonne Ecole Elementary School Location Map


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Bonne Ecole Elementary

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